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The XXVIIth summer school of the ISRP and the IOPR will take place from
2 till 11 July 2008 and will have for subject :

Intellectual plasticity and physical memory.
And the psycho-emotional?

"New delegations of the IOPR

CUBA (Validaded by the Executive Committee)
Instituto Superior de Cultura Física Manuel Fajardo (INDER)
Av Santa Catalina N°1253 entre
Boyeros y primelles
Cerro ciudad de la Havana CUBA
Representative : Marta CAÑIZARES HERNANDEZ

BELGIUM (Validaded by the executive Committee)
1, place des Combattants
Representative: Jean-Pierre YERNAUX

CAMEROON (Validation in progress by the Executive Committee)
BP 10017
Representative: Boniface KASAI M‚BURLING

PERU (Validation in progress by the Executive Committee)
Universidad de Lima
Ugarriza 355 San Antonio
Miraflores Lima PERU
Representative: Josefa LORA RISCO

The Executive Committee of the IOPR will convene in late November 2003.
The new applications of Peru and Cameroon will be examinated during this
New application files should be delivered before November 1st ."


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